Where does it all begin?

It’s been a crazy six months. I went on a whirlwind Europe trip. Got divorced. Had a break down or two. Quit my job. Decided to go travelling, for a year! Then one day while in the midst of a fever and watching Chef’s table I had this crazy idea. I’ve been to the Metro Top 50 Restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand, why not do the World’s Top 50 Restaurants? Initially I put the idea down to delirium from the fever, when I came out of it a couple of days later I realised it was so crazy I could make it work.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’m actually making this thing happen. I’ve booked into seven of the World’s Top 50 so far and I’m on track to get the rest all sorted. Watch this space to see what happens!

5 thoughts on “Where does it all begin?

  1. Such a gorgeous photo of you ! i hope you are having a blast and enjoying those great restaurants XXX

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