We arrive at Mirazur on time for our 12.30 reservation and are immediately impressed by the view. Mirazur is set in Menton in France however unbelievably close to the Italian border (100 metres or so). With their location set up on the hill overlooking the ocean and Menton, it’s hard to beat.


We are quickly greeted and taken to our table with the incredible view. Staff speak mainly French, however, can communicate well in English. We’re offered options of The Discovery Menu (option of meat or fish for the main protein), The Inspiration Menu (where you get both meat and fish) or the Signature Menu, menu comprised of some of the Mirazur’s iconic dishes. We opted for the Inspiration menu.


Very soon after we ordered the surprises began. We started with smoked mozzarella balls, told to eat these first as they were warm and delicious! Salsify with pork is next covered with pistachio crumb and equally yum, however, the pistachio did make a little mess on the table. This is served with a parmesan explosion. All a really nice way to start the tasting menu.


Next up for our welcoming appetisers were little ravioli with anchovy notes, olive and citrus. Accompanied by carrot, grapefruit and black sesame rolls. The grapefruit was a little sour for my liking, both were a nice way to end the welcoming appetisers, however, nothing super special.


Up next was the bread, piping hot and wonderfully flavourful. You could taste the cinnamon notes. This was served with a ginger-infused olive oil. Before I had time to even have one slice of bread the next course was out.



Oyster with textures of pear and champagne pearls with an onion cream underneath follows. There’s something special about eating seafood while looking at the ocean! The simplicity of the dish with so much finesse but still letting the oyster speak for itself made this one of the favourite dishes of the afternoon.


Our artichoke salad came next with a mixture of fresh and fried artichokes, bitter herbs cream, soya milk and citrus combawa. I liked how the textures combined with the soft and then the crispy and the wine pairing was perfect however again this wasn’t a standout dish.


I notice the trays that the service staff use to bring out the food are small and light and much more refined (and somewhat French) in comparison to what they were using in Mexico. The service at Mirazur is wonderful however sometimes a little fast, at one point I had three glasses of wine in front of me as I was struggling to keep up with the tasting menu.

Cod in crisp “brandade”, ragout of chickpeas and potatoes was our next course and my dining companions favourite dish of the afternoon. Purely on technique and the fact that it was a play on the classic French dish. Direct quote “The crunchy fish skin combined with the brandade itself was a pleasure on its own, then mixing that with the chickpea and potato ragu and cod broth really look it to another level.” For me, though it was missing a certain sweetness which you got from the onion, however, there wasn’t quite enough of it.


For our final savoury course, we are treated to a pork belly Ibaiama with yoghurt sauce, pine nut, fir and citron. The pork belly was cooked perfectly however again I note the sour tones. In my final bite, I’m delighted by the orange citrus flavour and just wish this was throughout the entire dish.


An impressive cheese trolly rolls over and we’re invited to select a number of cheeses to try. We had a couple chosen by us and a couple suggested by the waiter. My favourite was the one coated in fennel suggested by the waiter and my dining companion loved the one coated in shallots. All of them were good though and a nice in-between course before our dessert.


Our first dessert course is pomelo from the garden of Carnloes Palace, black cardamom and white chocolate water. This again had citrus notes that didn’t really suit my palate. Add in 3x the white chocolate and I would have been happy. The resemblance reminded me of a rice pudding.


I have to admit I got a little distracted with the last course and my notes on it aren’t great as my dining companion had arranged for the Maitre’d to hide an engagement ring in the final dessert. It’s hidden under here, in the excitement, we didn’t even get a photo of the ring in the dessert. Of course, I said yes and this was treated to applause from the entire staff and a glass of champagne.  Dining companion shall now be referred to as fiancee.


Overall at Mirazur (number 4 on the World’s Top 50), you can’t fault a thing, the service is exceptional, the food is good, perfectly cooked and the view is incredible. For an inspiration menu though I didn’t feel inspired. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it however it didn’t pop, well except my now fiancee popping the question.


Would I go again? If I was in the area and for the memories probably, it was a great lunch out. Next up Piazza Duomo.

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