Tim Raue

I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to Tim Raue, I’d seen him on Chef’s Table and didn’t exactly have the highest opinion of him, he comes across as quite arrogant on the show. Keep reading to find out my opinion now!

We arrived right on time and I quickly ask where the bathroom is, I was busting by the time I arrived. I’m quickly shown where to go to find a beautifully appointed bathroom with all the amenities you’d expect from a World Top 50. The tables and dining room are cleverly decorated and fiancee falls in love with the table settings. It’s stylish and chic.


We’re given our oversize menus and can choose between a number of tasting menus or the a la carte. Having researched the menu extensively online we opted for a la carte so we could again try as many dishes as possible. The food at the table next to us looks really good. We also ask for the drinks list and stick with a bottle of bubbles instead of the champagne on offer to keep our costs down.


The snacks come out and I’m pleasantly delighted. By far the best start of the trip so far. I even like the cashew nuts! See the picture below for all of the wonderful snacks we had. They’re all so unique and individual and so flavourful. The Asian flavours work excellently in every single snack we have. If they keep this up we’re onto a winner! It’s almost hard to put into words how good this was, I think the fiancee said something like “Pow, pow, pow!” everything was just a flavour sensation.



Even though we ordered from the a la carte menu we have personalised printed menus brought over to the table and are told to have fun. To begin I start with the langoustine, wasabi, Cantonese style. It’s like KFC on steroids! The wasabi is noticeable but not offensive.Really robust and intense with the flavour of the langoustine still shining through.


Then it’s onto the Ikarimi salmon. It’s soft and supple and absolutely beautiful. Totally melts in your mouth and gives you an incredible taste sensation. It’s fresh and perfectly balanced. To have two completely unique seafood dishes that knock it out of the park is very impressive. It’s fair to say we’re both pretty excited about our next courses at this point!


Up next is the duck liver, miso apricot. This comes with duck liver terrine, duck consomme jelly, mini ferments miso paste, miso brittle, apricot jelly and soured pepperoni vinegar, marinated kumquat, cream cheese and pickled swede. The apricot, the miso, the sweetness from the brittle, saltiness from the miso, fattiness from the parfait and the pepperoni vinegar. Holy hell, my mouth is still humming!


We noticed for our next course that they have Laguiole knives, I think this may be the first top 50 to use them. Also each time you get up to go to the bathroom you’re given a fresh napkin, very nice touch! There’s an almost perfect spacing between courses and it’s the first time I haven’t felt totally rushed at a restaurant.

Sate chicken, mango and peanut. This is really hard to write about it because it’s just so freaking good. The chicken is cooked beyond perfection and is a whole mouth sensation. It’s satay chicken sitting in the peanut and butter broth but heavenly and just something else. Some swear words might have been used but I’ve vowed not to put them on this blog. Just fantastic!



Peking duck interpretation TR. This has all the flavour profiles of a Peking duck in every single component and meaning of the word. It’s melty and delicious. We didn’t feel like the broth was needed however it was overall an absolute standout dish. The most refined Peking duck in the world. 11/10.


This is the first place we’ve been to that we’ve looked at the menu and tried to make plans to come back because we just want to have more of that sensation. Our pre-dessert comes out and is once again wonderful. It’s like they have a magician in the kitchen working up potions to put us under a spell!


We have the kalapaia chocolate, pear & koji which is soft and light and while not our favourite a pleasant dish after the richness of the main courses. The yuzu cheesecake & caramel beurre salé is another standout dish and once again left us wanting more.



Our waitress is amazing and after me telling her it was fiancees birthday the next day she gives us a little gift bag which has a happy birthday candle in it. She’s also very sweet and wants to follow the blog. We’ve told a lot of restaurants what we’re doing and this was the first to show a genuine interest and ask for the blog name. The food and service were so good we both gave her a hug when we left! Think that’s the first time I’ve hugged a waitress!!


And of course, there were the dessert snacks!


Overall an absolutely sensational stand out dinner and probably one of the best I’ve had in my entire life. Would I go again? Yes! I’m already looking to see if we can get back in to try the other dishes on the menu. They knocked it completely out of the park!! Also forget what I said about Tim in the first paragraph, his food is so amazing he can be as arrogant as he wants, he’s earnt it.

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