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Full disclosure on this one, we dined here for Fiancees birthday dinner, it’s his friend’s restaurant and as it was his birthday it was on the house. That said I’ll do my best to write an honest independent review here. It was the first time I’d met them so I’m not super close. Being Fiancees birthday though they definitely wanted to make it special!

After dining at Tim Raue the night before it was always going to be hard to live up to! We arrived and got to pick our table. As it was a reasonably nice night outside we decided to sit on the terrace. Lucy was very kind and told us to let her know once it got too cold and we could come inside.

We’re offered bubbles to start and soon comes out the warm bread and butter. I really love the way the butter is served here. It’s super soft and fluffy and just delightful. It’s also nice to have warm bread after the cold bread we had at Dinner by Heston. We’re told there is no menu as Anthony, whom the restaurant is named after, Anthony Joynes, has something special planned for us.


First up is our amuse bouche and it’s chilled celeriac and apple. Soft creamy and foamy. Great way to start a tasting menu. At this point, I go to the bathroom and while it’s nothing on Tim Raue’s elegance it fits the purpose and I love how they have hairspray in the bathroom in case you want to fix up your hair.


We’re delivered a German Riesling to pair with our first course which is white asparagus, hazelnuts, goats cheese and butter. This one was put on the menu for me since I’d never had white asparagus before. It’s delicate and delicious. The butter melts in your mouth and the sweetness of the hazelnut just makes you happy. Needless to say, I liked my first white asparagus experience!


Up next is the cured salmon, apple, cucumber and ginger. The softness of the puree with the delicateness of the salmon was perfect. Combined with the sauvignon blanc wine match created a tasty starter. There’s a nice spacing between courses, I’m not sure if this is because we know they chef or they just know what they’re doing.


Following the salmon, we have the wild garlic risotto with parmesan foam. Lucy tells us that their kids help forage the garlic and they really aren’t kidding, I love the family feel of the restaurant. It’s almost classically French in flavours. Rich and decadent. I love the parmesan foam!



This is followed by sea bream, cauliflower, hazelnut, potato and savoy cabbage. Again very classically french and once again delicious. The fish is cooked perfectly and it’s a simple hearty dish. At this point, it starts to get a little chilly so we move inside. I appreciate the nice touches done with the candles on the table, it’s very pretty while holding a rustic charm.


The next dish is one especially picked by fiancee as it’s one of his favourites and not on the menu, Foie Gras. The crunchiness of the almonds matches the fattiness of the Foie Gras to a tee and while incredibly rich a great course all the same.


We have the confit pork belly, kohlrabi and rhubarb next. Again delicious however following the foie gras was a little too rich for my liking. I get the feeling the chef has a thing for butter and I might be walking this off for some time!


We’re getting very spoilt and very full at this point, I’m sure they’ve put on extra courses for us (this is confirmed later on) and lots of wine. I think this was when fiancee asked to slow down the pairings! Very unusual for us to ask to slow down the drinks! We have the beef tartare, Pommes cocotte, and salad. It’s again super rich and super delicious. A cucumber sorbet would have gone down a treat at this point!


Quail two ways is next I told you there were a lot of courses! This comes with radicchio, walnut and grapes. So freaking rich and decadent! I’m ridiculously full now and when Lucy asks if we should keep going we reluctantly say yes.

Our final main course is roasted lamb shank, carrot, spinach, potato and garlic. The lamb was cooked so well it was almost like butter. In fact, I think there is a lot of butter located in this kitchen!!


For dessert, we’re given a selection and I particularly liked the trifle. The chocolate truffles are the absolute highlight though and beat Tim Raue’s hands down, sorry Tim! Anthony and Lucy put a lot of work into the chocolate truffles and you can tell, I could eat them by the handful!!


Overall a wonderful birthday dinner for Fiancee with lots of special requests thrown in. I feel like if we didn’t have the extra courses and been totally spoilt it would have been a nice, rich and decadent dinner. I left feeling super full, super lucky and a little tipsy!

Would I go again? Absolutely and not just because it was complimentary. If I lived in Berlin and even if I didn’t know Anthony and Lucy it would be the perfect little spot for a date night out, a little indulgence or a celebration. Thanks Joynes Kitchen!

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