Hidden Gem – Pizzeria Il Ghiottone

We arrived in Castel di Sangro late at night after a very long travel day, a taxi, three trains and a bus! Checked into our Airbnb and used my very limited Italian to ask our host what would be open for a late night dinner. My Italian lessons definitely paid off for this one.

Travel day

We were directed to a Pizzeria very close by called Pizzeria Il Ghiottone. Not expecting much we went in and again used limited Italian to order a pizza. Every time we’ve had a pizza in Italy we’ve been disappointed. It was super fast and they even nicely split it in half for us as once again we were sharing.

Half n half

We were in for a treat! The pizza was scrumptious, the dough just right and we demolished the whole thing. Finally a good pizza in Italy! So, of course, the next night we went back. This time ordering a calzone and a pizza to take away. They’d noticed I didn’t like the mushrooms so made the pizza half and half without us even asking!

Pizza from ovenCalzone

Would I go again? Well probably for dinner tonight at 6 euros a pizza you can’t go wrong. If you’re even in Castel di Sangro this one is worth a stop!

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