I called the restaurant when we knew we were going to be late and they were incredibly accommodating, Uber and traffic issues. I was told the table is sitting and waiting for us, just take our time. Such a relief.

It smelt amazing as we walked in. We’re given water from Patagonia free of charge and I have to say Borago has to have some of the most hospitable service we’ve encountered. We were easily talked into a gin cocktail and genuinely felt very welcome there. They were so lovely that they even got us to get the drinks tasting as well!


They’re really proud of what they’re doing here and it shows in every part of the service. They’re super attentive. We can see the lamb slow cooking over the fire. The dining room has a rustic chic feel to it. Our cocktail is a simple gin and tonic with a Borago twist, the tomatoes in the cocktail are cooked in the ashes from the fire!


Chilenito of murtillas – apple, horseradish, savoury, sweet and salty start which we’re happy with.


Stuffed copihue with rock shrimp – the shrimp are wrapped in the flower with kombucha gel, I’m not the biggest fan of shrimp and I love that. It’s really really good and fiancee has his happy face on. The kombucha gel on the flowers looks like raindrops – so pretty. We’re winning so far.


Cold pulmay – smoked fish citrus served in a bullhorn like a Viking. Delightful. The snacks here are so different.


Picoroco, Pewen and Chilean hazelnuts and Chilean hazelnut milk, roasted oil and mandarin – I get where they’re going with this however as nuts aren’t my favourite flavour it wasn’t my favourite dish.



Pajarito butter and freshly baked marraqueta – butter has nice acidity is a light way to start.


Chupe of mushrooms from Quintay – neat presentation, melty and creamy and needed the Black Kiss wine to compliment it. We’re told to mix this one up like a child. It’s acidic but sweet and earthy. The bowl is beautiful but difficult for both eating and service staff.


Loco, lavender, and almond tofu ice cream – my tastebuds are confused but happy. Sorry, folks, you’ll have to visit Borago to see what this one looks like!

Rock vegetables from Punta de Tralca organised by layers – a delightful way to serve vegetables and delicious. A clever interpretation of a vegan surf and turf.


Sea urchin cake with rock salad and kolof broth – perfectly cooked sea urchin, the rock salad was unusual and the kolof broth brought it all together.


Fish cooked “al rescoldo” white roses and “caldillo de congrio” – delicate and rich however at this point I’m looking at the lamb and craving some meat!


Red plum leaves, grilled duck on a miso made of murra – the duck is coated in beeswax for a week, apple vinegar leaves, Murra reduction. Three slices from the breast with overpowering hibiscus flavour.



Lamb cooked “A la inverse”, mille-feuille of wild apples from Patagonia – they start cooking their lamb over coals at 10am and flip it when the first guest comes it. The small cherry apples almost give an applesauce effect to the lamb. They’re also kind enough to give fiancee special slices of his favourite parts!


The black sheep of the family – vinegar marshmallow toasted, awesome! Like a sour marshmallow mellowed out with the sheep’s milk granita.


Ice brulee of bitter plants from the Atacama desert – tastes like goats cheese.



Rose of the year ice cream sandwich – dehydrated rose leaves from the previous year tasting similar to a vanilla ice cream.


Cold glacier – wowzer.


Overall Borago had the nice experimental touches of Central and experimenting the area around them, however, kept it a bit more mainstream and familiar in flavours. The service was incredible and we felt very welcome. Would I go back? For the service alone, if I was in the area, for sure.

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