Not so hidden gem: Don Julio

While still in Buenos Aires a friend had recommended we check out Don Julio, after a bit of research we discovered they were number 13. on the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants and number 55. on The World 50 Best Restaurants. We quickly secured our table!

Upon arriving we’re offered a glass of bubbles outside to start. I’m loving how they do this in Buenos Aires, such a nice way to start a meal. We sit down and see there is a space available right next to the kitchen, we ask to switch and they kindly let us move spots.


We’re given warm bread and olive oil and I have to be very careful not to fill up on the bread, we’re here for the steak after all! It’s so awesome being able to see the cooking in action and we notice the bottles on the wall. We’d heard that if you finish a bottle you can put your name on it and put it on the wall. We opt for a bottle of Argentinian Malbec to accompany our steak.


When it comes to ordering we are hungry so go for a selection of starters and the main course. Our waiter is fantastic and suggests that we may be ordering too much and offers his suggestions. I deeply appreciate this and wish more restaurants would follow suit. I’m looking at you, Astrid y Gaston!

We have the homemade sausage platter to start and they’re fantastic, they’re served with chimichurri, salsa and salt.



I had to get the grilled provolone cheese and I’ll never regret it. So freaking good!


We’d also been told we had to get the beef empanada which we did, fiancee loved it. I preferred the one I’d had at our local bakery the day before.





With our steak, we had mash (which was a little lumpy but I like it that way) and the daily special broccoli.










The steak was cooked perfectly and was just sensational. I’m so thankful that our waiter helped us make this selection.


Delightedly full we had to try the dessert, our waiter had been so good to us so far we took his suggestion and had the flan. A little too eggy for my liking but a nice dessert all the same.


Overall a standout lunch and we both left feeling full, satisfied and happy. I may have even had a food coma after that. If you’re heading to or in Buenos Aires check this one out, you won’t regret it!


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