Upon arrival at D.O.M we’re quickly greeted and the doorman recognises we speak English and tells the waiter to serve us in English. This is the quickest this has ever been picked up on and we really appreciate it. I’m offered the comfy seat which is nice. The dining room is empty as we’re the first guests in for lunch.

There are three menu options Tasting, Optimum and Maximus. The service is friendly and efficient. There is a real cactus on the table. Interestingly we’re not offered bubbles to start. There’s a bread table behind fiancee. We opt for the Maximus menu with pairing.

First up is the Cachaca and lime. It has a real tequila kick and is almost like a sour lolly.

This is followed by the Brazilian chilli sorbet which is a sorbet of ginger crystals. This reminds me of the cactus sorbet at Quintonil with more depth. It’s served with a sake out of a pepper!

Up next is a Spanish sherry to go with our snacks. Breaded oyster with sago/ Mango and coconut/ Farofa and botarga/ Heart of palm brandade with anchovy from Cantabrico/ Pirarucu skin and banana puree. These are nice and surprising, delightful and full of goodness. Good start however we’re surprised with the sherry pairing.

Sea bass, acai e yam. Served with a Brazilian Sauvignon Blanc. The flavour is almost like soy and incredible. Simple yet so good. Wine match is perfect. The only thing I can fault about this dish is that I can’t get all my sauce out with a spoon!

The dining room starts to fill up and they’re thick and fast with their wine pairings. Napkin is folded when I go to the bathroom and alas there is no hand lotion however they did have sanitiser.

Scampi and coconut/ Coconut and scampi. The scampi is cooked well but is nothing on that broth. It’s just simply incredible. Ginger and sugarcane, fermented pineapple. Served with an orange wine. Fiancee is doing that face which tells me he is delighted.

Brazilian native manioc bread, baked and caramelised garlic, curd with mantiqueira mountains olive oil and cheese bread. One word – perfect!

Sake is our next pairing to go with the Palm heart, vatapa and coconut. What on earth is going on? In a good way. It has all the flavours and textures of an Italian ravioli with a sensational Amazonian twist.

Pirarucu (Amazonian fish) with acai and “pimenta de cheiro” (aromatic chilli). It’s incredible, phenomenal, amazing, basically all the magical words you can think of with a wine pairing that is just perfect.

Shrimp and manioc with a Chilean Chardonnay. The third crustacean course! And my least favourite so far however still had great flavour.

Quail with chocolate from Combu Island. Brazilian Cabernet Sauvignon. Pate, grilled pineapple, crispy delicious and once again everything amazing.

The table next to us is gangster as, drinking vodka on the rocks. They’re an older couple and it turns out they go there every single day for lunch! They vary their menu each time however have a reserved table and just love it so much. I’m starting to see why! #goals

Egg, yanomami mushroom and farofa. Just wow! They’re making me like mushrooms!

Cupim (Brazilian beef cut), baroa potato and toffe. It just makes me happy. No fork needed for the beef. There’s vanilla in the sauce – yuss! It’s one of those dishes where if the world imploded in that moment you wouldn’t care because you’ve already been to heaven!

Aligot – my face says it all. I’d happy just eat this for the rest of my life.

Curd mousse, cashew and wine syrup. A nice interlude into the dessert courses.

Brown sugar “mochi” with mate herb ice cream. The ice cream is to die for. I’m not a huge fan of the “mochi”.

The port comes out and it would have been nice served a little earlier. That said, when everything else is so good you forget the little things.

Charcoal grilled mango with amazonic seed (puxuri) cream. Not the best finish in the world however it seems I’m hard to please when it comes to desserts.

We asked about the ants that D.O.M is famous for and if the chef was in, both were a no unfortunately.

Overall a spectacular lunch and one of the best we’ve had. Some dishes we’ll never forget and flavour sensations to die for. Would I go back? Absolutely.

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