A Casa do Porco

To complete the top 10 Latin America 50 Best Restaurant list we had to visit A Casa do, Porco. After much research, we discovered there was no way to book a table and you just had to show up. We had planned on going on a weekday to avoid queues however it didn’t quite work out so showed up on a Sunday.

Upon arriving we were very thankful for a Brazillian couple who helped us speak with the staff outside. We were told that there was at least a three-hour wait! And that we had to go on the waiting list. Only problem was we didn’t have a Brazillian phone number, they couldn’t call internationally so we had to wait there.

Interesting concept for a restaurant, make the people wait outside, for three hours for a table! It didn’t feel very welcoming to us however we were told it was worth it so found a perch and sat down. Thankfully they did have a little window bar where you could purchase beverages and snacks.

We waited, and waited and waited. We made friends with the people who had helped us get on the waiting list and were again told that it was worth it. They also gave us some restaurant tips for Rio where we were going next. And suggested some cocktails we try while we were waiting! Apparently, A Casa do Porco also have another restaurant and it is run the same way.

After about two and a half hours of waiting, we finally got in. There was an a la carte or a tasting menu. Our waiter was very funny. We went for the tasting menu hoping the food would come quickly as we were starving and the cocktails starting to take effect.

We started with a plate of sliced ham and bread which filled the gap nicely. It came with mustard and pickled mushrooms and golden beetroot and was a nice little starter.

This was followed by little Chicharrón snacks with avocado, cleverly served on a pig stye.

Aged pork tartare with bone marrow – probably the best course. Surprisingly good.

BBQ pork sushi – also pretty good!

Pork belly San Choy Bao – lettuce wrapped pork belly you can’t really go wrong with this! And – Black pudding – fiancee liked this one.

Steamed buns with pork belly and red onion – another favourite!

Pork Rillette with quail eggs – eggs perfectly cooked!

Pancetta crackling with guava jam – yum!

The final main course – the one we’ve been waiting for is the sliced whole cooked pork with a number of sides – pretty good!

For dessert, we had the fresh strawberries with meringue. Simple and fresh, which was needed after so much pork.

Overall A Casa do Porco was a nice lunch day out. To visit you literally have to plan your whole day around it because it takes so long to get in. Would I go again? Probably not, while it was nice I didn’t feel it was worth the wait. If they had a proper booking system then I’d definitely reconsider.

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  1. Wow – you have the patience of a nun! If someone asked met to queue for three hours for their restaurant I would probably fall down laughing!

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