Upon arriving at Lyle’s we are easily welcomed into the warm dining room. Lyle’s is a new entry to The World 50 Best Restaurants list and it was lucky we were back in London to check it out. The wine list is limited to one page which I kind of like. Water comes out fast and the place has a nice casual feel.

The bread is cold and served with butter, however, no serving plates so a little messy. It’s nice however as always I would have liked it a little warmer. Wine comes out fast, especially since there seems to be one main person running the floor. Ridel glasses.

Our first snack is pickled cucumber with cod, it has really great flavour, borderline too heavy on the salt however I like lots of salt.

The music is loud which makes it hard to hear the table.

Grilled sweetcorn with honey butter and lemon thyme. Honey butter is delightful and a nice wee snack. A plate and a hot towel would have come in handy as it’s rather messy!

Girolles, Puffball and Cotswold White Egg. Nice but not wow, the egg is done magically. With their small levels of staff they’re doing a great job, food service is a little slow though.

Mackerel, Kalibos and Horseradish. Not enough horseradish in my opinion. It’s well cooked and nice but again missing that wow factor.

Aylesbury Duck, Rainbow Chard and Fig. Again a nice course however we’re missing that excitement when you get a sensational dish.

Ricotta Ice Cream and Warwickshire Drooper Plums. The crunchy texture is good and the ricotta ice cream is good making it one of the better courses.

We finish with black currant ice cream sandwiches which is a nice final touch.

Overall it felt like Lyle’s could be doing really well, they’re a funky setting in a funky neighbourhood. For us, it just felt like they didn’t deliver on the flavours.

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