Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen

We’re welcomed into the very elegant dining room. It’s located in a building in the park and very pretty indeed. Very french welcome, however, they do speak English which is nice for us. We start with champagne in our Lehmann glasses.

We start with our canapes, a puff pastry course which is OK, artichoke delicately balanced with cream, good. Watermelon slow cooked eight hours with olive cream and black olive pearl, yum!


On the table is a brioche for our pre-dessert that will rise as we eat our main courses. We’re invited to smell the Alba truffles which are delightful.

There are tasting and a la carte menus and we go for the a la carte so we can try a few different flavours. The staff are so well dressed!

A very large wine list, however, the sommelier is very helpful in explaining and makes fiancee look good with his choices, I love it when that happens.

For the bread and butter, we have a salted butter that comes from a family farm with only 17 cows! The bread is a choice between a baguette, spelt and multi cereal. It’s nice and warm and they’re very generous with the butter!

Our wine is decanted at the table and I can’t say I’ve seen this done with white wine before!

Hare gelatine, sweet and sour cocoa sauce, red beetroot. The chocolatey sauce is an interesting component which is almost a little too sweet and complex.

Chanterelle mushroom flavoured with yellow wine and tarragon. The sauce is absolutely incredible, I’m not the biggest fan of the mushrooms but the table is in heaven.

Linguine pasta with Cancoillote cheese and Alba white truffle. Perfectly cooked and lovely, just lovely.

Artichoke tart, a gift from the chef. Absolutely fantastic and a nice surprise. It’s beautifully caramelised and the cheese on the top lovely.

They have a rose gold scooper for collecting our crumbs off the table, how elegant. The service is nice and efficient without being pretentious which we were worried about in Paris. They even helped us share our plates! Oh, and the bread just kept getting topped up, asking first if we were wanted it of course.

Stripped cod and crispy skin potatoes, a concentration of parsley and brown butter, Bouchots mussels and chanterelle mushrooms pot, Paris mushrooms and cilantro. This is quite a fishy course and the portion size very generous. Probably my least favourite.

Languedoc pigeon roasted with Tarragon, fermented pepper and liver Royale, pigeon leg with fried amaranth, preserved shallots and date puree. The sauce is wonderful and pidgeon is nice.

Grilled Wagyu beef, black olive paste, fritters of zucchini flower, green asparagus salad and beef tongue flavoured with chickweed. An absolute standout almost rivals the beef at Asador Etxebarri! Which is big coming from me as I’m still dreaming about that beef.

We’d been eyeing up the cheese trolley so had to give that a go. We had a great selection and of course, were offered more bread to go with it.

It was time for the brioche to go in the oven, it’s cured in cream then baked in the oven. It’s served with a plum sorbet, yum, almond biscuit, OK, and of course the brioche which is so good!

Meringue cooked over the charcoal fire seasoned with cardamom, orange blossom ice cream and candied asparagus, mango topped with crystallized saffron. I wasn’t a fan of the mango saffron component however the meingue which looks like an oreo is outstanding.

Poppy pollen, tuile of salted butter brioche, honeydew recolted by M. Coutant. It has a very strong flavour, however, is nice and the honey balances it nicely.

Slow cooked fig from Sollies, frozen yellow curry, souffle and caramelised arborio rice cream flavoured with cocoa. Not my favourite course.

Beetroot sorbet also reminds me of Asador Etxebarri, however, this one is missing the cream component.

Blueberry cake, a nice Parisian dessert.

We’re given a test dessert from the kitchen which is a mushroom tiramisu that none of us were a fan of.

After lunch we’re given a tour of the kitchen and get to meet the chef. We’re also taken down to see the wine cave and some of the private dining rooms. You can tell our waiter is really proud of what they’re doing there and is passionate about the restaurant.

Overall Alleno Paris was one of the standout Parisian restaurants, one I’d definitely rank up there. Service is fantastic, food is good and the setting is beautiful. I’d happily return.

And without further ado here is the latest ranking:

  1. Blue Hill at Stone Barns
  2. Eleven Madison Park
  3. Tim Raue
  4. D.O.M
  5. Piazza Duomo and Reale
  6. Central
  7. Quintonil
  8. Asador Etxebarri
  9. Maido
  10. Le Calandre
  11. The Ledbury
  12. Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen
  13. Tegui
  14. Mugaritz
  15. The Clove Club
  16. Saison
  17. Borago
  18. Arzak
  19. Azurmendi
  20. Mirazur
  21. Lyle’s
  22. Le Bernardin
  23. Alinea
  24. Dinner by Heston
  25. Astrid y Gaston
  26. Cosme
  27. Pujol
  28. Restaurant Steirereck

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