We had trouble getting a table at Septime and had almost given up when Mum happened to walk past it during one of her walks and managed to get us a lunch booking. It was also super close to where we were staying so it was nice to be able to walk to lunch.

It’s a very rustic dining room with funky jazz playing in the background. We’re seated at a shared table with a nice candle on the table. We start with breadstick with a gruyere cream infused with cumin. A nice light start with a very foamy cream.

Our champagne is served in Ridel glasses and they have their own personalised water bottles, cool. Compared to the other Paris restaurants Septime is incredibly cost-effective so we decided to go for the pairing option with our four courses. It’s a set menu with a choice of fish or meat for your main course, pigeon or pollock.

I accidentally dropped my fork and it was instantly picked up and replaced. I’ve heard that’s an old Michelin reviewer trick however it was honestly an accident this time.

Our first course is a tuna tartare, bouillabaisse broth, capers, croutons and parsley. It’s very good, clean and fresh. The rose pairing is served in Spiegelau glasses.

Fiancee asks for butter to go with the cold bread and it’s happily served for us. The butter is good and the bread is alright, we’re off to a pretty good start. The bread comes from Ten Belles Bakery an English baker and they offer to write down the address of the bakery for us.

We see our next course coming towards us and the waitress noticed we didn’t have cutlery so took it back until we had everything we needed, great attention to detail!

Leeks with smoked egg yolk cream, bottarga smoked and dried fish eggs. It’s a delightful dish, I love the way they used the fish eggs to salt the dish, similar to what our friends at Nostra are doing.

We’re given different wines to go with the pigeon and the fish. The pigeon and mushroom have a good punch with flavours combining nicely. I like the hazelnut, mushroom and pigeon combo.

The pollock is soft and flakey however personally I would have liked just a little more kick.

We add on the extra cheese course to share,  they’re quite delicious and it’s a nice interlude before dessert. We also get a wine pairing to go with it.

For our final course, we have a cider to pair. It’s caramelised walnuts, roasted figs and honey ice cream. Combined all together it’s quite the dish, I love the smokiness combined with the sweet. The caramelised walnuts almost taste like bacon!

Overall Septime was a fantastic lunch out at a really nice price too. The service was friendly and welcoming and a nice casual place to visit with incredible flavours. Would absolutely return.

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