Since we both had Monday off, I had a new job to celebrate and it was almost the end of Euro’s special truffle menu we decided to give it a go. From $29.99 for 3 courses is an absolute steal for lunch in Auckland and fiancee absolutely loves truffles!

We arrive and are quickly seated by our friendly waitress, at first we sit outside however as I didn’t have my sunglasses we quickly moved inside. Euro is based on Auckland’s waterfront and is a beautiful setting. I wish I’d remembered my sunglasses!

We have the choice of either their main menu or the truffle menu, we opt for truffle since that’s really what we came for. Some of the dishes have an additional price which is to be expected at such a low cost. I have a glass of prosecco to begin and fiancee has a beer.


As I was starving and have a love of carbs we also added on a bread and butter course. It was nice and warm and the burnt butter was OK.


Fiancee knew one of the managers from when he worked there many years ago. A surprise course of kingfish ceviche with finger lime comes out, it’s refreshing and the flavours all work nicely together.


The truffle menu begins with Jerusalem artichoke soup, truffle, profiterole, duck liver parfait for me. The duck liver parfait is inside the truffle in the soup. It’s rich and decadent and is perfect for a cold winters day.


Fiancee has the omelette aux truffle which he describes as a good omelette with truffle.


We both have the ‘Croque Monsieur’ for our second course, the bread is crunchy yet soft and the filling is nice however I would have preferred more prosciutto.


For our main course, we shared. I wasn’t a huge fan of the beef cheek in truffle but it wasn’t a bad dish by any means.


The corn-fed chicken breast, on the other hand, was a standout dish. It was cooked absolutely perfectly and the crispy skin was decadent and delightful.


Euro has been in Auckland for a long time, it’s one of those places you can go and you know it isn’t ever going to be bad. You’ll get some good dishes with a nice view and good service and at the price we paid you really can’t complain. Would I go back? Probably however there are so many other places in Auckland I want to try first!

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