A Taste of Roots

While we were travelling we always said we wanted to visit Roots when we got back. We were gutted when we heard they were closing and that we wouldn’t get to experience the restaurant. Hence, when I saw that as part of Heart of the City Restaurant month there was a special event at The Grove for a Taste of Roots I jumped at the chance.

We arrive and the service is quite haphazard, I think it was a mix of PR people and servers however it didn’t take long for us to get a glass of bubbles and a seat in the sort of waiting area. The whole event felt quite swanky and there was a lot of schmoozing going on.


At our table, there is our menu and a piece of paper with the Roots pencil. It feels very Mugaritz! which isn’t surprising given Giulio background. We’re to write a note for Giulio to add to the next chapter of his book. Very nice touch!

Our snacks are duck tortillas, good! And little cheese balls that remind me of Pão de queijo, the Brazillian cheese bread that won over my heart when we were in Brazil. This version is just as excellent and epically cheesy.

The bread that comes out is nice and hot and delicious. The butter is kawakawa and grapefruit, interesting! The napkin is folded when I go to the bathroom and they have L’Occitane hand lotion.


Wagyu Tartare with black garlic and crispy shallots. The style of Wagyu reminds me of a style we had in Italy which tended to be cut slightly larger with fewer condiments than the more traditional French style. 


Mushroom with truffle. Not my favourite since I’m not a fan of mushrooms however I can appreciate that the flavours work well. Fiancee loved it and the wine match is good! The shaving of the truffle at the table was appreciated. 


Paua, great pairing again. Really good flavours that work in harmony on this dish. I’m a fan, it’s a fantastic showcasing of paua. 


Fish and celeriac. It looks good and turns out to be a banging dish. Giulio wanted hapuka but could only get kingfish. Regardless it’s yum! 


 Venison. A simple one-dimensional dish, it almost feels a little safe but a good course all the same. You can’t go wrong with delicious perfectly cooked venison! 


We’re giving feijoa ice blocks as a palate cleanser. They’re really nice at first however get a bit much towards the end. Not my ideal palate cleanser.


Caramel Cremaux. As they put coffee in this dish it wasn’t really for me however, of course, the table enjoyed it! The chocolate nibs that went with it were yum!

We also get a chance to try some of the honey from the Roots farm which is of course delightful.

Overall it was a nice night out, it was good to experience a Taste of Roots and Giulio was lovely when he came to the table. Would I go again? Yes absolutely although I don’t think I’ll get the chance. I do however want to go back to The Grove and check out Kira’s food!

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