Cazador Father’s Day Feast

I like Cazador, I don’t go there often but I enjoy what they’re doing and I love the fact that they get people trying things that they possibly wouldn’t otherwise. When I saw they were doing a special Father’s Day lunch with a goat on the spit I jumped at the chance. I knew dad would love it too!

We arrive and are quickly greeted. I’m so pleased when I see that our tables are separate rather than shared. So often with pop-ups and special events, the tables are shared. I get it, it’s an easy way to manage things. But, sometimes I just want to talk with the people I chose to come out to dinner/lunch with, not the people I’m forced to sit next to. More on this in a separate post.

There’s a little mix up with our water and we end up with sparkling instead of still but it’s busy and there’s only two staff on the floor so I’ll let that one go. It’s a beautiful restaurant and I love that there’s a copy of the menu on the table for us to peruse. The flowers are fresh too!

Boar and fennel salami. Super fatty but tasty and yummy!


Smoked hock terrine, prune, pistachio and confit hare and porter rillettes served with sourdough. Two types of bread, one really warm the other cold. The terrine is good, sweet with the mustard and a nice terrine. The hare rillettes are probably my favourite and are quite good. Breadsticks were amazing, and I don’t usually like breadsticks!


Spit-roasted goat, cumin and yoghurt marinade. The chef got up at 2am and slept in the office to make this happen! I appreciate this so much, the goat is good, table loves it and the skin is amazing.

Rice and lentil stuffing, pine nuts, raisins. Yes, just yes, the raisins just make this dish.

Slow-braised Persian white beans, lemon, dill. Another banger. Served delectably hot and delicious. Standout.

Fattoush salad, cos, cucumber, tomato, sumac, tahini. A simple but good salad.

Hummus, dukkah. I love the crunch in the hummus and it goes perfectly with the flatbread and the rest of the course.


Our final course is ‘Dark & Stormy’ steamed rum and ginger pudding, maple ice cream. My favourite course by far. I can taste the rum, the ginger is soft sweet and delicious. A wonderful end to a wonderful Father’s Day lunch.


Overall the offering from Cazador was perfect for the occasion, dad liked it (and he’s super fussy) and the rest of the table were happy too. Would I go back? Of course, like I said I like what Cazador are doing, the fact they’ve been around since 1987 speaks volumes too!

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