I don’t usually write about Paris Butter when I go in, mainly because fiancee is the Sous chef there and I feel like I’m incredibly biased. Plus with the frequency that I visit you’d almost have a Paris Butter blog each month. With that in mind, it’s been a while since I posted about them and thought I’d share with you my totally biased (while trying my absolute best not to be) opinion on my dinner there on Tuesday.

We arrive and I’m loving the new layout, it’s nice to be able to sit and have a drink whilst seated before heading to your table. Mikey is quick off the bat to get us a drink and we sit and relax. Paris Butter do pop-ups once every couple of months or so and I usually make a point of attending. This time it was with the folk from Caretakeover.


Once again it’s a shared table, I said I’d mention this in another post and here feels like a better place than any. I get when you’re doing pop-ups that it’s a special format and you need to be able to serve everyone at once. What I don’t like is having to share my table with a complete stranger. I go out to dinner to enjoy the company of my companion. Not to make new friends. That’s what bars are for. I could go on about this all day but onto the food.

Our snacks are puffed blood, onion, wakame. The puffed blood is surprisingly yum and the cream on top just makes it.


Prawn, charred cream, crackling. This is quite nice and I like the creaminess of the sauce.


Rosemary sourdough, miso caramel butter. That butter is incredible, the sweetness really compliments the rosemary in the bread and I keep going back for more. The bread is of course hot.


The snacks are served with 75 Arrows, calvados, bubbles and grapefruit. A nice match, using the Paris Butter bubbles which is made from the leftover wine and fruit scraps and is carbonated to resemble champagne, always a hit with me.


Wallaby tartare, oyster mayo, rye, black garlic. Not my favourite course, especially since fiancee had been going on about it all week! However, I appreciated the crunchiness of the small rye croutons mixed into the tartare.


The Dutch Couraged, genever, cucumber and cayenne is an irresistible match. The team at Caretaker obviously know what they’re doing.


Leeks, potato, smoked butter and roe. Sensational, my favourite course, delectable flavours, the smokiness works and I love the sweet tenderness of the leeks.


The drink match of Grand National, capsicum, gin, scotch and mint was way too strong for me and I felt it overpowered the food.


Beef celeriac and beets. Good-sized portion, perhaps even a little too good, and perfectly cooked. Mum really liked this one and the flavours worked well.

I.T.G.A, tequila, mezcal, agave, IPA for me was a little too hoppy however I can see where they’re going with it.


Professor Frost the palate cleanser didn’t do much for me. It was a nice idea though.


Our final proper course is a Timtam Cheesecake with caramelised white chocolate and mushroom ice cream. I’ve told fiancee a thousand times to stop creating mushroom dishes when he knows I’m coming in. Finally, he’s created one that I like. The mushroom flavour wasn’t super prominent and the cheesecake out of this world.


This is paired with The Winchester, scotch, ginger, coconut and citrus. An unbelievable hot and cold cocktail that makes me very happy.


Last up is the snacks, black gin gummy bears which were OK. And a pumpkin mackintosh which is chewy and sweet and actually really good, a nice way to finish.


Overall it was a lovely night out despite sharing a table. The service was good, as always. The food was good, as always. Would I go back? The answer to this one is obvious, of course! I’m there quite regularly.

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