Sidart 10th Birthday Lunch

On Sunday the 15th of September 2019 Sidart celebrated their 10th birthday, a pretty impressive feat in Auckland’s fickle dining scene. We went along to celebrate this incredible milestone with them and their 5-course lunch with champagne.

We arrive and they remember us from the last time we were there. Very nice touch and we have the same waitress which is lovely. She remembers fiancee works at Paris Butter and asks some questions about how things have been. Very welcoming. The setting is beautiful with a nice view of the city.

The champagne to start comes in magnum form and is served in Spigleanu glasses, as are the rest of the wines for the afternoon. We originally had planned to choose our own wines however upon hearing a bit more about the pairing we decide to opt for that.

We, of course, begin with snacks. Nasturtium, coriander and chilli sorbet, puffed rice. Delightful, complex and delicious. I really appreciate the hot and cold textures.

Prawn vindaloo tart, macadamia. Yummy, really soft and good! The only downside was the mess I made on the table however I am reassured later that this happens to everyone and it was totally worth it.

Venison tartare, beetroot, pear. Off to a great start, very nice.

For our next round of snacks, we start with Smoked paneer, potato, egg yolk. It’s served room temp and a little too much for me. It’s followed by the Delhi duck, wonderful with lots of Indian spices. Aromatic chicken broth smells incredible and tastes just as good. My mouth is tingling. Apologies for lack of photo, we were both too excited to get our own, here’s the empty plates and a sneaky shot from the table next to us.

We have a reisling to go with the scallop, smoked eel, eggplant, pan puri dashi. I liked the different textures in this dish however the flavours weren’t the biggest hit with me. Fiancee, of course, loves it. Service is A+.

Dry River Pinot Gris to go with the Crayfish, cashew, black garlic, fermented cabbage. I’m the first to admit I’m not the biggest crayfish fan however this was next level amazing. Sweet and spicy with that umami flavour. Very delicious.

Aged duck, mustard seed, leek, celeriac. Once again a really good mix of flavours and textures. You can see why Sidart is still around after 10 years in the business!

The bread is incredible, just incredible. I also love how Sid is bringing out courses to each of the tables and that Chand his wife is also making an effort to speak to everyone and make them feel welcome. Gives it that real family touch.

Beef, shitake, korma, fennel. A play on one of their first dishes. It’s yummy and perfectly cooked. Personally a lot of spices throughout the meal however with progressive Indian dining as your cuisine that should be expected. A good course!

In the bathrooms, they have The Aromatherapy Co hand lotion. You all know how much I appreciate hand lotion!

We opt for the cheese supplement and you know what? You just can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned cheese board. The port with we have with it is wonderful, it’s been so long since I had a nice port.

Their play on a ‘Mango Lassi’, a nice pre-dessert.

Carrot halwa, mandarin, gram flour crumble. It was a little too tart for a dessert, I really just want that sweetness however the pairing works well. Just not my course. Again, fiancee loved it.


We end on a chocolate, date, pistachio macaroon. I didn’t like it but it was perfectly made and if you loved date and pistachio you would have been in heaven. The miso, brown butter madeleines are warm and comforting.

Overall the Sidart 10th Birthday Lunch was an occasion not to be missed. The food was excellent, the service excellent. The Koha box we got to take with us was exciting filled with lots of goodies, some missing from the photo because we got too excited. I loved the explanation card that came with it and the printed menu they provided to take home.

I left feeling appreciated for dining with them and an overall sense that I have to go back because they’re just so good at what they do. Arguably the best restaurant in Auckland and definitely at world standards. I also have to go to Sid at The French Cafe now as I haven’t been since they took over. Happy birthday team! Here’s to another 10 years x

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