It’s been a while since I’ve been to Baduzzi and I have to be honest I haven’t been impressed on previous occasions. However, when I heard that their current Head Chef had previously worked as the Head Chef at The French Cafe I thought I might give them another shot.

We’re quickly greeted but service is somewhat slow, this is me being critical, it’s adequate but they’re not going for any service awards. We have an organic prosecco that I’ve had previously and they have Spiegelau glasses.

We start with the Organic cured meats contadino style with warm Foccacia and Pene’s pickles. Tasty and delicious are the words I hear coming from the table and I can’t help but agree. The pickle is wonderful, the olives soft and buttery. The onions are nice, and the table like the mushroom. Bread is soft fluffy and warm and the cured meats just right,


We have two meatball dishes, they are what Baduzzi is known for after all and duck pasta. ‘Dodici Ore’ slow-cooked Lamb meatballs with preserved lemon, rosemary and spiced gravy. They are soft and succulent and delicious and probably the favourite meatballs of the table.


Mamma D’s “East Coast” beef meatballs with smoked melanzane. The texture of the lamb was softer but the sauce to go with the beef meatballs was quite incredible with lots of different flavours and yumminess. Rich and earthy while still being soft and light, I like it.


They have really cool plates, I like the knives and forks too. Note to self Tablekraft is the brand they are using.

Buttered maltagliati with duck and porcini ragu, buttercup and pickled black walnuts. Cooked perfectly and fresh, the duck has this epic sweetness that really works while still being delectably savoury. The sauce could almost be eaten on its own and I wish I had some more of that focaccia to dip in.


Update, I got more bread and it was wonderful!


In the bathroom, they have Mor hand lotion and it’s settled, I’ll be back.

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