It was our anniversary so we planned a trip to Sydney with a few places we wanted to check out. Quay was top of our list since it’s previously been on the World 50 Best Restaurants list and they’ve recently had a brand new fit-out of the kitchen.

We arrive and are nicely greeted, they’re very friendly and said happy anniversary straight away. We have a perfect view with a perfect spot in the tower. Ridel glasses for the water. Service is semi-slow to begin, I’d really like a glass of wine!


Being the foodies that we are we’d already perused the menu beforehand and knew exactly what we wanted. 10 courses plus the wine pairing. One of the hosts Ashley introduces herself and she is fantastic. Our other waiter looks like Tupac and is a little hard to understand.

The wine also comes in Ridel glasses and this continues throughout the evening. Service is good, I spilt a small amount of my water and it’s very quickly cleared up. Fiancee’s napkin is quickly folded when he goes to the bathroom.


Our first snack is malted barley, shiitake mushroom and pork crackling tart. Nice depth of flavour. Love the lightness of the mouse and the bowls are super soft.


Hand-harvested seafood, virgin soy, seaweed, aged vinegar. The seaweed and the aged vinegar give an amazing umami flavour. It’s like a sweet marmite delight. Pairing is delightful. Soft and easy to eat.


As we’re now into our main courses we realise our snacks may be over which upsets fiancee greatly, he was most looking forward to some surprises in the snacks.

Osetra caviar, smoked eel, walknuts, sea cucumber crackling. Delectably salty but sweet at the same time. A delicate and delicious course.


Of course, the bathrooms have hand lotion, thank you! We notice a real emphasis on the plates. Each course we’re told about the plate, who makes it and what it represents which is quite interesting albeit not that pertinent at the same time.

Raw Blackmore wagyu, XO, cultured cream. They love their cultured cream here and I can see why. This dish is on the salty side bit I love it. It’s delicious, nice and well-refined food.


We’re asked if we would like to have a kitchen tour and the answer is of course yes. Last year they undertook an extensive 4 million dollar renovation and we definitely wanted to check that out. While in the kitchen we had a young pea, cultured cream and liquorice kombu tart.


Steamed mud crab custard, garden and sea greens. I was looking forward to this one the most, however, the crab got lost in what was a simple dish but missed the elegance and refinement of the previous courses. The wine pairing worked perfectly with the dish that was presented.


Poolish crumpets, smoked roe, cultured cream. Yes, yes, yes! Champagne and caviar, you can see why this is such a classic combo and it really just works. Simple and delicious.


Bone marrow pasta, white asparagus, koji and garum butter. It’s a nice dish, not incredible but delicious all the same. The pasta itself was made well but something was amiss.


Smoked pig jowl, black-lipped abalone, shitake. Fatty and delicious, with a depth of flavour that combines delightfully with the red wine pairing.


Roasted Maremma duck, preserved persimmon, speckled peas. It’s luscious and delectable you can’t really fault a thing.


White coral – absolutely wonderful.


Moo – a great interpretation that tastes just as good.


Seven textures of chocolate, salted caramel canele and post brood honey tart. A nice way to finish a very nice meal.


Overall Quay was the sort of place you go to for a special occasion. The service is top-notch, the food is exciting and well played and the view incredible. Would I go back, yes but there are a lot more places I’ll be checking out first!

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