The door isn’t open when we arrive but bang on 12 it slides open and we’re taken to our seats at the counter. It smells amazing! Fires are burning and ready to go. Excited!


Ridel glasses for wine and Spiegelau for water. Napkins that look like marshmallows are popped on the table for the first couple of courses, then covered with water to help them expand. We’re reminded not to eat them :).


Cucumber, native tamarind, wattleseed miso – holy moly that’s good. The sweetness of the tamarind combined with the saltiness of the miso is incredible.


Oyster, desert lime, oyster leaf – very good, yum and just right. Lennox comes over and says hi which is a lovely touch.


Very hive-minded and efficient. Good upbeat but relaxed music. Kangaroo, macadamia, davidson plum – incredible, edible and interactive. Wow, flavour town.


Burratina, broad beans, olive – very delicious, the salt that was right in front of us elevated it even further. Such a good start. Happy.


Sake where we get to choose the glasses, very The Clove Club of them.


Albacore, rhubarb, celtuce is out of this world incredible. So many complex flavours that combine into something just amazing. It’s like heaven on a plate. The sake just works too.


So refreshing to see the big-name chef cooking in the kitchen as well! jCSkWovrTl6v93vyHhCrbg.jpg

And next is bread, cultured butter, sprouted rye, yuss! Not warm but really yum, serving this hot once again would have elevated the experience. More butter is brought out when they see my dining companions devour it. Well done!


Asparagus, smoked yolk, pangrattato – not easy to eat but really awesome. Loving this meal so far. At this point, we’re feeling a bit of sensory overload but in an indescribably awesome way.


Pipis, xo, garlic chives, complimentary from the chef – a great nod to a Chinese classic.


Murray cod, cos, pil pil – smokey and wonderful. It’s rare the food is so good I forget about the wine pairing!


We’re offered extra bread for soaking up the pipi sauce and I’m done this is beyond words!

Bark flavoured hand lotion in the bathroom and I’ve found my new favourite place. We’re still deciding what to do for my birthday dinner in December and it’s looking like we may be coming back to Sydney!

Wagyu, pepper, charred leek – were channelling Asador Etxebarri here, that’s hard to do and impressive. We tell the chef that we rank it up there with them and you can tell he is incredibly humbled.


Pre dessert, Geraldton wax, chamomile, fig leaf – fantastic there are not enough adjectives left in the dictionary to cover how good this meal is.


Woodfired rum baba, poor man’s orange – generous pours on the pairings – it’s nice but I’ve decided I don’t like rum baba. The table, of course, are fizzing.


The Bomb Alaska finishes things off nicely, at first I’m not a fan but it really grows on me!


And surprise! The one I’d seen on Instagram earlier and really wanted to try. Toasted marshmallows, next level delightful. There is chocolate and raspberry inside the marshmallow. The literal only thing you could have done to make that better would be to let me toast it myself.


Overall Firedoor was the standout meal of this trip so far. I’d go back in a heartbeat and like I said before I’m considering it for my birthday dinner. It’s closer than Asador Extebarri and in my opinion just as good.