Momofuku Seiobo – Bar Snacks

We have to wait 30mins for a table which is absolutely fine by me as I’m still full from the incredibleness of Firedoor. Service could have been a little warmer while we waited, however, we got there in the end. It took us a while to decide what to get because we were still so full.


Uni + cassava cracker – very hot and spicy. Nice flavour mix though.


Plantain tostada, fish ceviche – nice, fresh and simple with a bit of spice. Corn would go sensationally in this dish!


Fried chicken sandwich – the chicken is wonderfully cooked with a bit of spice. Fiancée is in heaven. We’ve discovered previously I’m not a big chicken sandwich fan. The bread is really soft and supple and really made the dish.


Staff are grumbling about and to each other which isn’t a good look. One got sent home and while they’re trying to do it discreetly it’s painfully obvious to us.

Kurobuta pork chop, jerk, burnt lime – it’s good. The flavours all work however I feel like some freshness wouldn’t go amiss. Perhaps if we’d ordered more sides we would have got the crispness I was looking for. A very good dish all the same.


Busted roti – yum and works well with the pork. The combination with the pork definitely the highlight of the meal. And in reflection the roti is actually really good, I’d like to learn to make it at home.


Momofuku Seiobo was a nice spot to stop for a nice snack after a big lunch. Service could do with some work however there were some good staff on. I’d go back for a quick bite but probably wouldn’t rush back for the full menu as there are so many other Sydney spots I want to try first!

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