Wonderful greeting, very welcoming and the waiter is warm and hospitable without being overbearing. Nice dining room with very relaxed classical music. Zalto glasses to begin. Very minimalist but elegant.


Freshly shucked oysters with celery vinegar that’s about 4 years old – it’s delicious and kept simple to preserve the taste of the oyster.


Kombu tart with eggplant – nice and smokey and soft. Malt flatbread with dried tomato – cheesy and yummy. French savoury doughnut, carrot – soft and supple and the carrot adds a nice savoury flavour to the sweetness of the doughnut.


House baked sourdough, Marscapone butter – bread is warm finally. The butter served in an old butter tray which is super cute and provides a bit of nostalgia.



Cured Red Emperor with Crimson Snow Apple & Horseradish, the horseradish adds a hint of spice while still remaining fresh and balancing with the Riesling pairing nicely.


Kangaroo Tartare with Sweet Potato & Dried Cheese – the crackers are delicious and the pairing fantastic. A really complex mix of flavours.



Spencer Gulf Squid with Broadbeans & Tomatillo – a little too aniseedy for me but the table are frothing I can see how it works. It actually grows on me as the course progresses.


Yesterday’s bread – warm once again and just wonderful.

Hapuka with Celeriac & Champagne – the champagne butter is really good, the dish is refined and elegant.


Hickory smoked duck – they use the legs to make sausage which they put between the breast and the skin. Quite a different flavour combo than your usual duck course, however equally elegant.


No hand lotion but Aesop hand wash, I’m impressed at the number of women in the kitchen.

Basic sides, incredible looking beef – an incredible course that works incredibly well. Delectably defined food. The food level is up there with Eleven Madison Park.



We ask about the name of the restaurant. Sixpenny comes from the different types of restaurants they used to have in Australia, where there were different menus for different prices. Fascinating storyline. One penny was lower end buffet. Four penny, one course main and dessert. Six penny the obviously more refined option!

Mead Vinegar Custard with Frozen Raspberry & Strawberry Consommé – sweet and sour vinegar, custard etc. All I can say is num, num, num, num, num. Wine pairing also good.


Final bread dessert course – Panattone with Condiments – it’s not what I was expecting it’s a really rustic way to finish such a refined meal. But you know what it works so I don’t really care.



Overall a wonderful elegant meal and a great way to end our trip to Sydney. Definitely a world-class establishment.

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