The Grove

For one of my birthday lunches, we decided to go to The Grove. We’d been wanting to try Kira’s food since the A Taste of Roots dinner they had earlier in the year and since they were open for lunches during December this was the perfect opportunity.

The greeting is nice and they’re ready when we get in which I always appreciate. We start with snacks.

Crabmeat and elderflower – it’s soft and light and delicate.


Cheese balls – tasty and rich. Seafood wafers – a nice mix of salt and crunch and texture.

We’re off to a good start, the plating is super pretty too very Kiwiana!

Confit grapefruit and kawakawa butter with bread – very nice, I love the sweetness of the butter.

BBQ and raw Kingfish, rhubarb, kawakawa, quinoa praline and crisp – a good mix of interesting flavours a generous portion too.

Green and white asparagus, koji sauce, pistachio butter, parmesan snow – the pistachio doesn’t do it for me but the table including Dad who is fussy as love it. The sauce is out of this world. The pairing is nice and works really well.

We opt for the supplement of duck scrambled eggs, seaweed butter, whitebait. It’s a challenging course, I liked the charcoal element.

Poached Hapuka, smoked Eel, courgette, apple and dill –  a delicious mix of flavours that are delicate and delightful.

There is L’Occataine hand lotion in the bathrooms and they really do provide world-class service.

The Black Devonshire pork loin ends up being quail, which is also good however it would have been nice to have been told beforehand. The burnt tomato ketchup is crazy good.

Handpick grass-fed beef fillet, ox tongue, beef fat carrot, basil and black olive – it’s perfectly cooked and a nice course.

We had the Feijoa popsicles and a palate cleanser and I felt the same as I did last time when we had them at the A Taste of Roots dinner, not my favourite, however, the others enjoyed them.

Smoked hay Creme brûlée, compressed strawberry, goat and sheep milk sorbet – it’s nice and refreshing,

Queensland mango, honey parfait, mango and time sorbet. It’s incredible and the wine pairing just makes me happy, it’s super sweet and delectable.

Fiji 60% fark chocolate mousse, cocoa nib tuile, raspberry and lemon verbena sorbet. It’s yummy!

Our final surprise course is a sweet plate wishing me a happy birthday.

Overall The Grove is a great place for a fancy lunch or dinner, the dining room and service are impeccable, they’re also trying new things and combinations with food which I really appreciate. Would I go back? Absolutely just need to wait for that next special occasion.

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