Madame George

When I saw that Madame George was open for Sunday’s over summer I knew we had to get up there ASAP, we literally went the day after I saw their post. We’ve been wanting to try this one for ages however they’re only open the days’ fiancee is working so it has been a bit of a challenge.

They’ve got a special menu for summer which is quite seafood based. Unfortunately, they’re sold out of the sesame sourdough which I’m gutted about.

We start with the tiradito which is incredible and takes me back to the markets of Lima, Peru. The sauce has the perfect mix of flavours and I really wish there was bread to mop it up with!

Up next is the cassava chips with huancaina sauce. That sauce is awesome and fiancee orders more which is no trouble. It reminds me a little of mole. I also really appreciated how Pablo introduced himself and also let us know not to fill up on the chips to fully enjoy the coming courses. The hospitality here is amazing!

We have the tomato, watermelon, parma ham and mozzarella which is a nice refreshing dish to offset the richness of everything else we were having.

The arroz con mariscos which is essentially Peruvian rice with seafood, the Peruvian version of a paella is the star of the show. It’s delicious!

Fiancee is still a little hungry and everything else has been so good so we get the mussels a la chalaca which are just as good as everything else we’ve eaten.

For dessert, the only menu item is a Strawberry Pav and after having three pavlovas over Christmas neither of us can stand the thought of it. However, it turns out they still have some of their mandarin creme brûlée which turns out to be a nice light way to finish.

We loved the food, the service and the genuine hospitality at Madame George. Would I go back? In a heartbeat, I’ll be there for the full tasting menu as soon as I can. Even if fiancee has to miss out!

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